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Versusmind supports and advises companies in the design, development and production of their information systems on the basis of innovative and exciting technological projects. We at Versusmind set great store not only by the skills of our colleagues but also by their conduct and know-how. We have been supporting our consultants on stimulating projects for 12 years, with a focus on innovation and enthusiasm at the service of national and international clients.

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The careers of Versusmind teams are at the forefront of our minds as they are the main vector for their well-being and development. Whether you become a senior consultant, architect, project manager, technical leader or manager, there are many career opportunities at Versusmind.

At Versusmind, we promote exchange, sharing, mutual assistance and curiosity. We encourage you to enhance your skills, especially through:

  • Subject-orientated discussions, with Versusmind consultants who specialise in your area of activity

  • Technological conferences and symposiums organised on a monthly basis

  • Research and analysis publications