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The careers of Versusmind teams are at the forefront of our minds as they are the main vector for their well-being and development. Whether you become a senior consultant, architect, project manager, technical leader or manager, there are many career opportunities at Versusmind.

About us

Versusmind is a firm of consultants specialised in IT; in 2017, it extended its services to include 2 new activities:

  • Versusconsulting, the offers of our firm of consultants relate to a diversified range of fields such as digitalisation or the GDPR.
  • Versusinstitute, our training body proposes support, expertise and inter and intra training offers for its clients and colleagues.

We have been supporting our clients and consultants for 12 years with a focus on innovation and enthusiasm.

We have experienced rapid growth, a fact demonstrated by our year-on-year growth of 60% since 2013. In pursuit of adventure and progress, we are keen to enlist the services of talented individuals who are both curious and committed and who have the desire and drive to actively contribute to our company outlook.
On the basis of our induction programme, our personalised career management services and our team building initiatives, we act as one to meet our respective professional goals while reaching our maximum potential.

We are a dynamic team that uses the principles of continuous improvement as a platform to achieve our goals.

As everyone does their bit, we shape our future together…

The 4 values of Versusmind


The R&D is the core component of the company’s spirit. Our laboratory, mind-lab, enables us to test new concepts, new technologies and new methodologies. This research allows us to improve our future performance.


It is the belief of our company that feedback and projects go hand-in-hand. The purpose of our teams is to provide ideas, mutual assistance and resources to help everyone to fulfil their potential and improve their performance.


A Versusmind consultant listens, reflects and challenges. He/she implements a cycle of continuous improvement geared towards his/her actions; this enables development both on a personal level and at the level of the teams. This cycle means that we can enhance levels of expertise and excellence on a daily basis which is essential to our business activities and those of our clients.


At Versusmind, we are eager to use nouvelles technologies to change the world. We are passionate about any new use, we are intrigued by new language and we value assignments of highly strategic significance or complex architecture. Technology has been in our DNA from the very outset of our journey and this passion sets the tempo of our daily activities.

The 4 lives of the Consultant


Providing assistance to client teams.


Projects outsourced to our agencies in terms of agile methodology.


Participation in R&D projects.


Expert/training for our Versusconsulting and Versusinstitute brands.

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